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In every adventure lover life, there may be many memorable trips. But I guaranty trip to Spiti valley must be one trip that will stay in your mind for lifetime and had the greatest impact on you. Every year thousands of people come to Spiti valley and feels something like that they never experienced and not able describes those thing in words. Spiti valley is also known as Little Tibet because it has same climate, terrain and vegetation and secondly Buddhism is adopted by the most of the people as of their faith. It holds the secrets of ancient civilizations. In short Spiti valley tourism has great mix of adventure, spirituality, sightseeing and numerous other activity where travellers can spend great time together.

The people live there are very simple and honest. You can reach Spiti valley via Shimla or Manali through a motor able road which remains for 8 to 9 months. Spiti valley lies at an altitudes ranging from 3,500 to more than 6,000 m from see level.

As of staying option in Spiti valley Homestays are main options for spending night and we also recommend to stay at home stay because to live with local families and listen there experience to live this cold desserts.

Spiti Valley Tourism offers mainly adventure travel package because to explore Spiti valley you need to be a walking habit. Spiti valley can be classified into 2 categories Soft Adventure and hard adventure

  • Soft adventure in Spiti valley which requires no experience and have low risk which is safe and does not require excessive physical efforts. In this kind of adventure activity biking, camping and walking are included.
  • In Hard adventure activity you need to be physically fit and it requires more physical efforts and consists of a high element of risk. In Spiti valley to do hard adventure there are lot of options like mountain biking, mountaineering, trekking and white water rafting.

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    Places to Visit in Spiti Valley

    Pin Valley National Park.

    Pin Valley which is declared a national park in 1987 which is situated in the cold desert Ibex of Spiti Valley and having an altitudes ranging from 3,500 to more than 6,000 m. Pin valley is also known as cold desert having its sub-zero temperatures and semi-frozen rivers and it is an abundance of animals and birds, with some rare plant varieties. This area is only for those who had strong lungs and tough leg muscles. Foreign visitors are not allowed to visit this national park and for Indian visitors have to take permission from Deputy Commissioner Shimla or Sub Divisional Magistrate Rampur.

    Pin valley is also home to at least 12 endangered snow leopards and other animals belongs to the region are Siberian ibex, weasel, bharal, marten and red fox. Birds such as bearded vulture, Chakor, pika, griffon, golden eagle, and Raven paint the skies a pretty picture.

    Pin Valley is covered with snow maximum time during year and a trek to this fascinating place should only be attempted by the spirited, adventurous and fit Persons. The region is also under strong religious influence of Buddhist monasteries or gompa located here.

    Kye (Ki, Kee) Monastery.

    Key Monastery lies at an altitude of 4,116 m from see level and have 12 km from Kaza, the Ki Monastery lies above the bank of the Spiti River. It’s about 1100 years old having a collection of rooms and a maze of corridors which do not follow any specified plan, but seem to have grown over the period of time.


    Dhankar which is situated above the confluence of the Spiti and Pin River at an altitude of 3370 meters from sea level. If you have time, do take a walk of this beautiful village to visit Dhankar Lake which offers panoramic views of valley and towards the twin peaks of Mane Rang (6593 meters).

    Giu Village

    Giu is a small village located near the Indo-Tibet border, situated at a height of 3050 m from sea level. This village is 4o km from famous Tabo monastery. The village has a naturally preserved Mummy, which approximately 500 years old and has great tourist attraction. The mummy is placed in a room constructed on a hilltop of Giu Village. It is believed that this mummy is of a Lama, who died at the age of around 45 years and was found in a sitting posture.


     Keylong is situated at an altitude of 3,340 m from sea level and have district Headquarters of Lahaul Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh on the main road to Leh over Rohtang. This place is famous for green fields and willow trees, water streams surrounded with brown hills and snow-capped peaks.

    Chander Tal

    It is also known as Moon Lake and lies at an altitude of 4,300 metres from sea level and 6 Km from the Kunzum Pass in which connects Lahaul Ghati with Spiti Valley areas. Chandra Bhaga mountain range forms a striking backdrop for the lake, which changes it appearance accordingly to the pictures painted on the sky.


    Tabo village is situated at a height of 3050 m above sea level and also known as the ‘Ajanta of the Himalayas’, Tabo houses the 1020 year-old Tabo Monastery – which is a UNESCO world heritage site and is famous for its ancient paintings that describes the life of The Buddha. Here you will also find portraits of gods and demons along with life-size statues of bodhisattvas.

    Kunzum Pass

    Kunzum pass lies above 4,590 m from sea level is the gateway to Spiti from Kullu & Lahaul Valley. Tourist can see panoramic view enthralling and inspiring Bara-Sigri glacier which is second longest glacier in the world on one side and Chandra-Bhaga range peaks on another side.


    This is situated at an altitude of 3660 m from sea level the administrative headquarters of Spiti. It has a marketplace, medical facilities, Hotels and Restaurant’s, a filling station. Kaza serves as the base for excursions in the area and among others, the Ki (Key), Hikkim, Komik and Langza monasteries are at hand.


    This village is situated at a height of 4080 m above sea level. This village is worth visit because of its awesome Location.


    This is the highest village in Spiti and is situated at a height of 4,270 m.


    Kibber which is situated at an altitude of 4,205 meters from see level and around 18 km from Kaza. This village is popular amongst the trek or adventure lovers who want to explore treks or adventure of adjoining mountains of even high altitude. The beautiful landscapes and awesome snow caped mountains make the place a haven for nature-lovers and photographers.

    From Kibber, tourist can go to Chicham Village pictorial small hamlet in the Spiti valley. The area is so remote that to reach here tourist have to use adventurous cable car also known as Jhula in local area. We can go to even higher destination like Gette from where we can enjoy stunning aerial views of Kaza.

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